Saturday, May 12, 2012

GetGlue Sticker Guide!

As a media freak I love using GetGlue.
I recently went on a sticker spree wanting to reach the 20 mark to get stickers mailed to me (only 4 more to go!), and to anyone wanting to expand their sticker collection here are some cheats!

Make sure to get the basics first!
You can unlock the Couch Potato sticker just by liking a ton of t.v shows, same for Music and Movies to unlock the Radiohead and Movie Buff stickers!

By seeing movies opening week and checking into them you can unlock the Opening Week sticker, this was recently unlocked by me from The Avengers which in turn unlocked two exclusive Marvel stickers.

Up until July you can unlock an The Amazing Spider-Man sticker by watching the trailer on GetGlue or participating in the discussion board.

I also recently unlocked a Triathlon sticker which can be unlocked by checking into 3 different activities in one day.

I also love the Beavis and Butt-head sticker you get after the first time checking into it. I just recently bought Volume 2 and it has been consuming my life, heh. heh. heh.

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  1. These are really just some concepts for readers. You have probably been doing all this and more but if not, now you will be able to create all the gold foil stickers and labels you want! Well, I was just excited when I did this!